Tips for Handling Work-Related Injuries

When an orthopaedic injury happens in the workplace, both employers and the injured employee have responsibilities. The most important issue is ensuring that the employee gets the treatment he or she needs to get healthy. It is also important for the orthopaedic doctor handling the treatment to provide the right kind of care and treatment reports so that the worker's compensation claim can be processed appropriately. Finding an orthopedic doctor in Marietta with worker's compensation experience is the first step.

Work Related Orthopaedic Injury

For work-related inju ries, case managers and claim adjusters need specific information from the orthopedic doctor on a regular basis to process the claim. This information includes independent medical evaluations, ergonomic modifications medical records reviews, and impairment and disability evaluations. This information ensures that employers can keep costs under control while helping the employee receive everything he or she needs to get well. You can ease the process by choosing an orthopaedic doctor with experience in worker's compensation cases.