Blog Posts in December, 2014

See a PRP Injection Procedure

Orthopedic pain has prompted many people to undergo invasive procedures, but that is all changing thanks to revolutionary new treatments like PRP—platelet rich plasma—therapy. This ...
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Understanding Common Causes of Knee Pain

Is knee pain slowing you down? If you experience chronic knee pain, it's important to see an orthopedic doctor as soon as possible, as delaying treatment could end up compounding your injury. The ...
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Answers to Your Questions about Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is an orthopedic treatment that utilizes the body's own healing powers to address injuries and pain. By stimulating the body's healing response, prolotherapy can speed healing ...
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Non-Surgical Back Pain Management: A Guide to Injections

Chronic back pain can leave you watching life from the sidelines, but undergoing surgery is not the solution for everyone. In fact, most people with back pain can get relief from non-surgical pain ...
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