Blog Posts in November, 2014

Beating Back Pain in New Moms

Back pain is a common problem, but new moms in particular can be susceptible to this condition. This video offers expert orthopedic advice for women suffering from back pain in Marietta. Pregnancy can ...
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An Overview of the Use of Platelet Rich Plasma in the Sports World

Professional athletes must rely on their bodies to perform at an exceptional level. Should they suffer even a minor injury, it could prove devastating to their championship hopes and careers. Marietta ...
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Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Does your shoulder feel stiff or tender to the touch? If so, you could have a shoulder injury that may worsen without Marietta orthopedic treatment. Due to the numerous structures that make up this ...
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Can Prolotherapy Treat Your Chronic Back Pain?

Millions of people suffer from back pain each year, but in many cases, discomfort subsides once the illness or injury contributing to it is addressed. Yet for some individuals, back pain can persist ...
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