Can Prolotherapy Treat Your Chronic Back Pain?

Millions of people suffer from back pain each year, but in many cases, discomfort subsides once the illness or injury contributing to it is addressed. Yet for some individuals, back pain can persist for months or even years, deteriorating everyday quality of life. When back pain is resistant to more conservative treatment measures, Marietta orthopedic experts may recommend prolotherapy. Prolotherapy has been shown to produce a significant reduction of chronic back pain. If you suffer from lower back pain, talk to an orthopedic doctor about whether this innovative treatment option is right for you.

Prolotherapy Candidates
As mentioned, orthopedic doctors may initially advise less invasive treatment measures for back pain sufferers. In many instances, orthopedists may recommend weight loss, exercise, proper posture techniques, and even physical therapy for those dealing with recurrent back discomfort. However, when these methods fail to alleviate pain, it may be because the connective tissues in the affected area are producing pain signals. Prolotherapy targets these tissues. So if you have already exhausted other forms of back pain relief, you may be a candidate for prolotherapy.

Chronic Back Pain Marietta

Prolotherapy Process
Orthopedic specialists typically deliver prolotherapy treatment over the course of several weeks. An injection is given directly into the connectives tissues believed to be causing the back pain. Tenderness can be a mild side effect in some instances, but this complication typically last only a few days. Other than this effect, individuals undergoing prolotherapy treatment can return to their normal activities immediately following their treatment sessions.

Prolotherapy Benefits
Chronic back pain can complicate even the simplest movements, but after a single prolotherapy session, many people in discomfort notice a substantial improvement to their pain. In fact, prolotherapy has a highly effectively success rate among those who receive this treatment. In as little as two months, approximately 8 in 10 people who get prolotherapy report a dramatic reduction in pain. Because this treatment option can help the connective tissues in the back to become healthier and stronger, prolotherapy can also decrease the risk of future back pain. So to get the back pain relief you deserve, make an appointment with a prolotherapy specialist as soon as possible.

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