Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Does your shoulder feel stiff or tender to the touch? If so, you could have a shoulder injury that may worsen without Marietta orthopedic treatment. Due to the numerous structures that make up this joint, the shoulder can suffer from any number of medical conditions. Though athletic activity is integral to total wellness, some sports such as baseball or football can put you at risk for shoulder injuries. The tearing of the muscles or connective tissues that make up this joint can lead to shoulder pain as can the inflammation of the bursae that help to absorb pressure in the shoulder. Orthopedic doctors warn that osteoarthritis can also contribute to the decline of bone and cartilage in the shoulder and development of shoulder pain. Should you suffer from discomfort that does not subside within a few days, consult an orthopedic doctor so that you can find the cause of your pain and the best treatment options to alleviate it.

Shoulder Pain Marietta