How Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Can Help with Knee Arthritis

Platelet rich plasma therapy, or PRP, uses a concentrated form of the body's own plasma to encourage healing. Your plasma contains platelets that are high in a group of proteins called growth factor that are essential for healing. For PRP, doctors draw blood, isolate the platelets and increase the concentrate of them using a system called centrifugation. This concentrated mix of platelets is then added to the remaining plasma and re-injected into the site of the injury. Orthopedic doctors in Marietta are using PRP to address a wide range of pain issues, including knee arthritis.

The use of PRP for knee arthritis is a new field, but initial research is promising. Your orthopedic doctor can place a PRP injection into the knee where the worst damage from your arthritis is located to help heal the injured areas. Like all PRP patients, you may experience an initial worsening of the pain for a week or two as healing begins, but then pain should improve. Your orthopedic doctor can determine if you're likely to get results from PRP and how many treatments you'll need.

Marietta Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy