A Look at Back Injuries in the Workplace

Whether you work in an office, a restaurant, or a warehouse, you are susceptible to the back strain and back injuries that cause lower back pain. If you believe you’ve suffered from a back injury in the workplace, you may be entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim, but first, you should visit an orthopaedic doctor in Marietta for diagnosis and treatment.

Strained Muscles
The muscles in the back can become strained when too much force is exerted when moving or lifting heavy objects. There are several groups of muscles in the back, and each is responsible for the movement of a different body part, Lower Back Pain in Mariettasuch as the spine, neck, shoulders, and hips. Depending upon which part of the body the muscle services, a strained muscle can also cause back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and hip pain. Orthopaedic doctors can determine the source of muscle strains, alleviate back pain, and provide tips on how to prevent reoccurrences.

Repetitive Motion Injuries
Many people have jobs that require them to repeat the same tasks throughout the day. The stress put on the back with each repetition can build up, causing lower back pain, tendonitis, and arthritis. Simple activities such as bending, stretching, lifting, squatting, climbing, and even standing up and sitting down can eventually cause wear and tear on your back. An orthopaedic doctor can provide pain management treatment - such as physical therapy - and can also help you find less stressful ways to complete your daily tasks.

Postural Problems
Sitting at a desk all day can cause back pain and strain if you don’t have good posture. Poor posture causes excessive pressure to your spinal column while you’re seated. This can cause sciatica, resulting in lower back pain, and weakness and numbness that radiates through the hips, buttocks, and thighs. Visit an orthopaedic doctor for tips on creating a more ergonomic workstation that encourages proper posture, thus eliminating lower back pain.