Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries

If you’re an athlete, you probably expect that you’ll suffer from a few sports injuries during your career. While some sports injuries cannot be avoided, others can be prevented through education and the advice of an orthopaedic doctor in Marietta. Here are a few basic tips for preventing some of the most common sports injuries that athletes face.

Strained or Sprained Muscles and Ligaments
Strains and sprains are by far the most common sports injury that orthopaedic doctors diagnose. A sprain is caused Orthopaedic Doctor in Mariettawhen intense pressure or stress to a ligament results in the ligament becoming torn or stretched. Extreme pressure and stress can also stretch the fibers within muscles, causing them to become strained. Warming up prior to exercise by stretching your body can often prevent strains and sprains. Stretching helps muscles remain limber and flexible, thus protecting them from stress.

Joint Issues
As an athlete, your joints are very susceptible to injury due to the increased wear, tear, and stress that is caused by regular or extreme physical activity. Knee injuries, shoulder injuries, and ankle injuries are the most common causes of joint pain in athletes. Athletes are also at an increased risk of developing arthritis due to the repetitive stress that they put on their joints during physical activity. You can prevent joint issues by limiting excessive workouts and allowing your joints to rest and rehabilitate between workouts. See an orthopaedic doctor for diagnosis and treatment if you suffer from joint pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, or hip pain.

Fractures can either be small cracks or complete breaks in bones. They can be caused by a one-time injury, or by repeated trauma to the bone. These fractures are known as stress fractures, and are most often seen in athletes who participate in repetitive impact sports. Fractures can be prevented with help from an orthopaedic doctor, who can advise you on how to minimize the stress placed on your bones while running or jumping.