Tips for Avoiding Knee Pain

Knee pain can make everyday life difficult, as it often can be felt with each step. Pain management clinics can help patients successfully manage their joint pain, but a few simple lifestyle changes could potentially stop it from developing at all. The following suggestions can reduce the risk of knee pain, and for more prevention tips, consult an orthopedic expert who specializes in arthritis in Marietta.

Use Protective Gear
An active lifestyle can stop knee pain . When the muscles around the knee are strong and flexible, the cartilage and bones that comprise this joint suffer less strain. While an orthopaedist may recommend regular exercise for healthy knees, they may also advise the use of appropriate athletic

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gear. Many sports and high-impact activities can leave the knees vulnerable to injury. So to prevent damage from an unexpected fall or wayward kick to the knee, athletes should utilize all suggested protective gear.

Maintain a Healthy Weight
Arthritis can develop because of any number of conditions. For instance, a past sports injury to the knee can hasten this condition. Years of wear and tear can also contribute to stiff and painful joints. What some people may not realize, though, is how their weight can affect their risk of arthritis. Because the knees bear much of a person's weight, they are particularly susceptible to arthritis. Even a few pounds of excess weight can place added pressure on these joints and cause them to deteriorate. With a nutritious diet and routine exercise program, though, a healthy weight can lessen knee pain.

Prevent Joint Overuse
Even with the right equipment and a healthy weight, some people still experience knee pain. In such cases, the culprit might be too much use. Activities such as tennis, running, and soccer can be beneficial for joint health, but when done to excess, they may actually cause knee pain. Like any joint, the knee can break down when forced to do too much. So to avoid the problems that overuse can bring, athletes may want to diversify their activities. Low-impact alternatives such as swimming, yoga, and walking can be particularly effective at protecting the knees from premature deterioration and pain.

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