A Look at Common Sports Injuries

Playing sports is great for your well-being, but unfortunately, it does also leave you vulnerable to injuries. Everything from shoulder pain to foot pain can often be traced back to an athletic pursuit. The good news is that an orthopedic doctor in Marietta can help you recover from your sports injury so you can get back in the game.

Although just about any kind of orthopedic injury is possible when you play sports, some are more common than others. Knee injuries and the associated pain are particularly common. For instance, basketball players, who must stop and change direction quickly, are at risk of ACL tears, while runners may experience patellar tendonitis. All athletes are vulnerable to shoulder and wrist injuries and pain. These injuries may happen during the course of a game, or they may crop up from repetitive use over time. If you suffer a pain while competing in a sport, be sure to stop your activity and seek orthopedic care right away to avoid further injury.

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