Answering FAQs About Shoulder Pain

From frozen shoulders to torn rotator cuffs, about 1.2 million Americans suffer from conditions that cause shoulder pain each year. The causes and treatments of conditions vary, but the one thing all shoulder pain has in common is that it can seriously impact your mobility. If you're coping with shoulder pain in Marietta, here are the answers to questions you're likely to have about your condition.

What Causes Shoulder Pain?
In most cases, shoulder pain is caused either by arthritis or injury . The shoulder is very vulnerable to injuries because the ball of the upper arm is actually too big for the shoulder socket it sits in. That means that the

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Marietta

surrounding muscles, ligaments, and tendons have to hold it in place and are easily damaged. Some common injuries that cause shoulder pain are frozen shoulders, in which the tendons become inflamed, dislocation, and tendonitis and bursitis of the rotator cuff.

How Is Shoulder Pain Diagnosed?
Diagnosing the cause of your shoulder pain is very important to determining a treatment plan. To determine the root cause, your orthopedic doctor will start by taking a complete medical history. This helps your doctor decide if any conditions you have could be contributing the your painful shoulder. Next, your orthopedist will perform a physical exam to test for any clear signs of injury or instability. Lastly, you may undergo a series of imaging tests, including X-rays, ultrasounds, and MRIs. These tests are performed so your orthopedist can confirm any suspected injury or see any signs of arthritis-related joint damage.

What Treatments Are Available?
Treatment for shoulder pain depends on the cause. However, in most cases, treatment focuses on both healing the underlying injury and controlling the associated pain. For pain management, medications and pain injections can be helpful. Physical therapy, rest, and PRP injections can all help with healing and may be used for certain conditions.

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