4 Workplace Injuries That Could Happen to You [INFOGRAPHIC]

You may not think of your workplace as a likely location to suffer an orthopaedic injury, but in reality, you’re vulnerable when you’re on the job. Orthopaedic injuries in the workplace can be both acute and chronic. For instance, you may lift something too heavy and end up with back pain that starts right away. Alternatively, you could spend day in and day out typing away at a workstation that isn’t set up correctly and develop chronic lower back pain or neck pain over a prolonged period. These injuries fall into the category of workers’ compensation injuries, and your employer could be responsible for your medical bills. Learn more about common workers’ compensation injuries in this infographic from Non-Surgical Orthopaedics. If you suffer workers’ compensation injuries in Marietta, let our orthopaedic specialists help with everything from your treatment to your paperwork. Help other employees understand their risks at work by sharing this information.

Workers' Compensation Injuries in Marietta