Steps You Should Take if You're Injured on the Job

If you’re hurt on the job, the steps you take immediately afterwards can have a significant impact on your workers' compensation claim. As you go through the claim procedure, working with an orthopaedic doctor experienced with worker’s compensation injuries in Marietta will make the process go smoother for you. Protect your rights and get on the road to recovery by taking these steps after your injury.

Report Your Injury
After an injury, report the incident to your supervisor right away. Your injury must be documented as part of your worker’s compensation claim. There may be additional paperwork for both you and your supervisor to complete during Workers Compensation Injuries in Mariettathe claim process, but this initial report is a crucial step in starting your claim.

Get Treatment
The sooner you start treatment, the sooner you will recover from your injury. An orthopaedic doctor can help you with pain management and treatments such as steroid injections and platelet rich plasma injections. Be sure to let your orthopaedic doctor know about all of your symptoms and to follow his or her treatment plan closely. Part of meeting your obligations after a workers’ compensation injury claim is adhering to the medical advice and treatment plan you receive.

Communicate with Your Employer
Depending on your company’s insurance plan and worker’s compensation guidelines, you may be working with a case manager, a claims adjuster, or your supervisor on your injury claim. It’s important to maintain communication with these individuals and to ensure they receive all of the information they need from you in a timely manner. Choose an orthopaedic doctor with experience in dealing with workers’ compensation cases, as his or her practice will understand what your employer will need from you in order to process your claim, including medical reviews, disability evaluations, and ergonomic modification recommendations.