Symptoms of a Knee Injury

The knees are subject to a great deal of stress in daily activities, and as a result they may sustain injuries that could cause long-term complications without the right treatment. Fortunately, modern orthopaedic medicine offers a wealth of non-surgical treatment options for common knee injuries, which may be identified by the symptoms discussed below. When you experience symptoms of this nature, you should not hesitate to seek the care of a pain management physician serving Marietta.

Knee pain is the most likely sign of a knee injury, and it may be persistent or fluctuate with daily activity, depending on the structures that have been injured along with the extent of the damage. In knee injuries where there is damage to ligaments or tendons, there may be a distinctive popping sound at the time of the injury. Lingering symptoms could include instability of the knee, locking of the joint, or limping caused by discomfort in the knee. Symptoms will often get worse without an accurate diagnosis and treatment of the underlying cause.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options in Marietta