Tips for Preventing Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common nuisance, which may have a number of different causes—including arthritis, repetitive use injuries, or acute injuries of the muscles, bones, or connective tissues. Consulting an orthopaedic doctor in Marietta can help you resolve shoulder pain, but there are also some steps you can take to keep shoulder pain from developing in the first place. Keep reading to gain an understanding of the right habits for preventing shoulder pain and ensuring

Shoulder Pain in Marietta

complete mobility in your upper body.

Maintain good posture
If you frequently slouch, it is not unlikely that you will experience back and shoulder pain. Proper posture should have you sitting or standing upright without feeling too stiff. For many people working in an office environment, maintaining good posture in a challenge. Sitting at a desk for long periods may promote slumping or slouching. Ergonomic office chairs or alternative office design with standing desks or medicine ball chairs might help to promote better posture for reduced stress on the shoulders and back.

Lift with caution
Heavy lifting may be a big strain on the shoulders, especially if you are lifting objects overhead. When you lift weights as part of your exercise routine, be careful to start out with a lower amount of weight and pay close attention to your technique. It is also important to balance exercises so that the shoulder muscles are evenly developed. A common lifting error is focusing too heavily on isolated areas of the upper body, which can hinder mobility and increase the risk of injuries. Working with a personal trainer to develop a lifting routine may be beneficial in preventing shoulder soreness and injuries.

Stretch before and after exercise
In any type of physical activity, you should not start with cold muscles. Active stretching of the shoulders and upper body will help you reduce muscle cramping or sudden injuries that can put you in pain. Stretching as you complete activity will help your muscles relax fully so that you are not sore later on.