A Runner's Guide to Knee Pain

Knee pain is an epidemic for runners. Most runners experience at least minor knee pain at some point, and for some, this pain can eventually become so severe that it prevents them from continuing to run. If you’re a runner and experiencing knee pain, make an appointment with an orthopaedic doctor in Marietta. There are many non-surgical orthopaedic treatments for knee pain that can help you get back to your favorite activity without the need for invasive procedures. Here is what you need to know.

What Is Runner’s Knee?
Runner’s knee isn’t a specific condition. Instead, it refers to the kind of knee pain that is experienced by runners and others who do similar activities that involve bending the knee, including walking and cycling. The pain of runner’s knee is usually centered around the knee cap and feels

Knee Pain Treatment in Marietta

achy, rather than sharp. Although this type of pain is common for runners, it can be caused by several different activities or injuries.

What Types of Injuries Cause Runner’s Knee?
Overuse is one of the biggest contributors to knee pain for runners. When you run, you repeatedly bend and straighten your knee and strike the ground, which can cause inflammation in the knee. Even warming up for your run with lunges can eventually lead to overuse injuries in your knees. For some runners, the kneecap develops an alignment issue, which will contribute to pain with motion over time. Foot issues, like flat feet or fallen arches, can put additional stress on the area around the knee, leading to pain. If your thigh muscles are not strong enough to sustain your running habits, it will put extra pressure on your knee tissue, which can also lead to injuries and pain.

What Treatments Are Available?
Your orthopaedic doctor can use a number of different remedies for knee pain related to running. In some cases, resting your knee may be sufficient. For more severe pain, medications and injections can help. Strength-training exercises, stretching, and arch supports can also be helpful.

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