Causes of Hip Pain in Women

Hip pain can happen to anyone, but women are more prone to this orthopaedic complaint than men. A number of different factors can contribute to hip pain in women. One of the first things your orthopaedic doctor in Marietta will do when you make an appointment for hip pain is to diagnose the root cause, so your treatment can be tailored accordingly.

Overuse is a major contributor to hip pain in women. This kind of wear and tear can contribute to arthritis in the hip that can cause chronic pain. Arthritis pain can be managed using a number of different, non-invasive techniques. Inflamed tendons around the hips, common in women who are active, can also cause hip pain. In some cases, hip pain in women can be linked to a hernia. Orthopaedic back issues, like sciatica, can also contribute to hip pain, as can gynecologic conditions like endometriosis.

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