Types of Treatments for Managing Your Pain

If chronic pain is impacting your wellbeing, pain management clinics in Marietta can help you reclaim your mobility and get back to enjoying your life. There are several different strategies your orthopaedic doctor can use to resolve your pain, all without the need for surgery.

Massage to help relax tight, aching muscles and physical therapy to build up strength around sore joints can both help ease chronic pain. Some patients get relief through pain medications, both over-the-counter and prescription, as well as pain injections, such as steroids and epidurals. Platelet-rich plasma therapy, in which your own stem cells are injected into the area of your injury, can reduce pain and spur healing. Prolotherapy injections can also trigger your body’s natural healing response to help you get out of pain faster. There is no single strategy that works for every patient, but help is available. Whether you’re suffering from knee pain, arthritis, or some other kind of discomfort, your orthopaedic doctor will work with you to find the best combination of treatments.

Pain Management Clinic in Marietta

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