Blog Posts in November, 2015

What Is Causing Your Knee Pain?

Knee pain is an extremely common complaint, and it can stem from any number of causes. It can be the result of an injury such as a patella fracture or a kneecap dislocation, which should be treated as ...
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What to Do If You Sustain an Injury

While you may not always be able to prevent sports injuries in Marietta, you can prepare yourself to handle an injury. With proper care and pain management, you’ll minimize your risk of ...
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Understanding Hip Pain

Like most joint pain, hip pain in Marietta can result from a sports injury, workers’ compensation injury, or a symptom of a chronic disease like rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. Hip pain ...
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Different Types of Workplace Injuries

If you’re aware of common workers’ compensation injuries near Marietta that employees may sustain, you’ll be more effective at preventing on-the-job injuries. Accidents, negligence, ...
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