An Athlete's Guide to Knee Injuries

If you play sports regularly, you may suffer from sports injuries. Athletes are much more susceptible to knee pain, lower back pain, arthritis, and tendonitis. If you’re prone to sports injuries near Marietta, you could benefit from the expert treatment of an orthopaedic doctor near you. Keep reading to learn more about how you can prevent knee injuries while playing sports.

General Sports Injury Prevention

You can prevent many sports injuries, including knee injuries, by following some basic rules before and after exercising or playing sports. Always stretch and warm up your muscles before and after a workout. This keeps your muscles and tendons strong, limber, and flexible, which helps them better support your bones and prevents injury. You should also use sports equipment specific to your size, strength, and ability. You should use all equipment as designed and as instructed. Use proper technique for any sport or exercise in which you participate. If you’re unclear about what the proper technique is, consult with a trainer, coach, or orthopaedic doctor for advice.

Knee Injury Prevention

There are specific warm-up stretches that can help your knees stay strong, and can help you prevent knee pain after playing sports or exercising. These stretches include hamstring stretches, calf stretches, knee-to-chest exercises, and straight-leg raises. You should always wear athletic shoes specific to the sport or exercise in which you’re participating. You should replace your athletic shoes after three months, or 500 miles of use. Sports or exercises that require repeated jumping, deep knee bends, and downhill running can be very rough on the knees and cause chronic knee pain. Your orthopaedic doctor may recommend that you use a knee brace if you regularly participate in these activities.

Orthopaedic Intervention

Regular visits to an orthopaedic doctor is the best way to avoid knee injuries, knee pain, and sports injuries. Your orthopaedic doctor can advise you on sports injury prevention tips, and can develop a comprehensive and effective orthopaedic treatment plan for your knee pain. Preventing sports injuries can also decrease your risk of developing arthritis.

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