An Overview of Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that your employer is required to purchase to reimburse employees from healthcare costs related to workplace injuries. The federal government mandates and regulates workers’ compensation programs for federal employees, and the state mandates and regulates workers’ compensation programs for all other employees. If you’re interested in learning more about workers’ compensation in Marietta, keep reading.

Health Issues Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation covers any type of disease, injury, or illness sustained as a result of your normal job duties. If an employee is intoxicated, suffers a self-inflicted injury, has violated company policy, or has sustained an injury while committing a crime, he is not eligible for workers’ compensation coverage. Your workers’ compensation injury, illness, or disease doesn’t have to be sustained at your physical place of employment; it just must be sustained in the normal course of duty for your job.

Medical Services Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Any hospital or medical services that result from treating or diagnosing a workplace injury or illness are covered by workers’ compensation. This type of compensation may also cover visits to certain specialists for rehabilitation, therapy, and other specialized treatments for injuries and illnesses sustained on the job. Workers’ compensation also provides disability payments for the period of time that you’re medically and physically unable to work due to your health issue.

What Type of Doctor You’ll See

Some states afford employees the right to be treated by their own doctor if they suffer a health issue while on the job. Other states allow the employer to refer employees to a doctor, hospital, or health specialist that the employer has chosen. Because these health professionals are recruited and paid by your employer, they may not be impartial observers of your demonstrated behavior or symptoms. If your workers’ compensation injury or health issue resulted due to your employer’s negligence, you can bypass the workers’ compensation procedure entirely and visit an orthopaedic doctor of your choosing. You can also pursue legal action against your employer in court.