Tips for Preventing Athletic Injuries

While any sport carries the risk of suffering from an injury, there are certain things that athletes can do to decrease their likelihood of sustaining a sports injury. If you participate in contact sports or high impact training, you can benefit from visiting an orthopaedic doctor near Marietta to treat pain related to overuse and injury to the muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments. Keep reading for some helpful tips for preventing sports injuries.

Warm Up and Cool Down Appropriately

Athletes should always stretch prior to exercising or participating in sports. Stretching increases the flexibility and strength of your muscles and tendons, thus reducing your risk of sports injuries. You should also participate in conditioning exercises to build muscle tone. Your muscles support your skeletal system and the stronger your muscles are, the more support your bones will have. This also decreases your chances of suffering from a sports injury. After exercising or playing sports, cool down to give your body time to recover. This can be done with more stretching exercises.

Use the Right Technique and Gear

Whenever you’re playing a sport, make sure you’re using the proper technique. Your trainer or coach can demonstrate proper technique if you feel that you need a refresher. Improper technique when running, throwing, jumping, or operating athletic equipment increases your risk of injury related to stress or overuse. You must also wear gear that fits correctly and is appropriate to the sport you’re playing. Wear a helmet, pads, face guard, eye protection, a protective cup, and mouth guard whenever necessary.

If You Feel Pain, Cease Activity and Visit an Orthopaedic Specialist

If you feel pain or believe you have suffered from a sports injury, cease physical activity immediately. Visit an orthopaedic doctor as soon as possible for evaluation. Athletes often suffer from lower back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, and neck pain. This pain can be caused by one injury, or from repeated stress to the body or overuse of a muscle. An orthopaedic doctor can provide pain management services as well as diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries.