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Tips for Preventing Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common nuisance, which may have a number of different causes—including arthritis, repetitive use injuries, or acute injuries of the muscles, bones, or connective tissues. ...
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What Are the Signs and Treatments of Shoulder Injuries?

Shoulder pain is a common complaint heard by orthopaedic doctors. Several different injuries can contribute to shoulder pain, and the treatment recommended by your orthopaedic doctor in Marietta will ...
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Shoulder Pain: Arthritis and Rotator Cuff Injuries

If you’re experiencing persistent or severe shoulder pain, it’s time to visit an orthopaedic doctor serving Marietta. Two of the conditions that may be causing your shoulder pain include ...
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Types of Shoulder Arthritis

Shoulder arthritis can be debilitating. Left untreated, it can make even simple tasks like brushing your hair excruciating. There are several different types of arthritis that can affect the shoulder, ...
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Common Causes of Shoulder Pain [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you are living with pain, you understand how it can interfere with your life and make you feel frustrated. Shoulder pain near Marietta may have acute or chronic causes, and may cause discomfort ...
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Treatment Options for Common Shoulder Injuries

For many people, shoulder pain often means chronic pain. While a clean break of the clavicle or scapula may result in just a few weeks of discomfort, more complex conditions such as rotator cuff ...
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Coping with a Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a common condition in which the tendons and ligaments that surround the shoulder become inflamed. The inflammation causes pain, making sufferers hesitant to move their shoulders, ...
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A Look at Common Sports Injuries

Playing sports is great for your well-being, but unfortunately, it does also leave you vulnerable to injuries. Everything from shoulder pain to foot pain can often be traced back to an athletic ...
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Answering FAQs About Shoulder Pain

From frozen shoulders to torn rotator cuffs, about 1.2 million Americans suffer from conditions that cause shoulder pain each year. The causes and treatments of conditions vary, but the one thing all ...
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Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Does your shoulder feel stiff or tender to the touch? If so, you could have a shoulder injury that may worsen without Marietta orthopedic treatment. Due to the numerous structures that make up this ...
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