Marietta Prolotherapy Injections

What are prolotherapy injections?

The prolotherapy injection, or Regenerative Injection Therapy, was first used by Hippocrates to help relieve a javelin thrower's shoulder pain. More than 70 years ago, the concept was investigated, utilized, and refined via George Hackett, MD and is now widely used to help alleviate musculoskeletal pain. Studies have shown that the success rate for prolotherapy injections is more than 80%, with success judged as at least 50% reduction of pain.

Prolotherapy injections contain a relatively harmless dose of dextrose, local anesthetic, and other items, and are administered where ligament and tendon tissues attach. Ligaments and tendon fibers are connected to sensitive periosteum on the bone, which is the communication path for nerves traveling to and from the brain. When there is damage or stress on a particular ligament, it sends signals to the brain through nerves which causes pain. Since pain originates from ligaments, tendons and joints, Prolotherapy is likely to have an effect on pain in the:

  • Neck
  • Mid-back
  • Lower back
  • Major extremities

The treatment is also known to gain response from other body parts including the hip, knee, shoulder, wrist and fingers. The tissues in these structures become damaged by trauma and the natural healing process may not be enough to repair it. Prolotherapy results in the growth of fibrous tissue and the creation of a stronger bond at the attachment points. About four to six injections are needed and can be administered four to six weeks apart. Patients report being sore for about three to seven days after receiving a prolotherapy injection, but can notice improvement after one injection. Prolotherapy is intended to provide your body with a boost to its natural healing process to repair damage and eventually lead to the elimination of pain.

Candidates for the treatment are individuals suffering from chronic pain that has not healed itself. This pain can be caused by variations and deficiencies of hormones caused by imbalance conditions pregnancy. Some people are also predisposed to chronic tissue pain due to genetic and physiological build such as double-joints and weaker collagen.

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