Sports Injuries in Marietta

Any athlete - from the seasoned professional to the weekend warrior - can sustain sports injuries that may cause an early end to the season or lead to long-term problems. Therefore, it’s important for all active individuals to understand the risk of sports injuries and the treatments available. At Non-Surgical Orthopaedics, we cater to the unique needs of athletes who may be eager to return to play and concerned about the possible side effects that surgical treatment can have. Our approach is non-invasive and customized for each patient, which minimizes the likelihood of ongoing damage from injuries commonly seen in athletes.

Common Athletic Injuries

Athletes may suffer injuries resulting from repetitive use of the same muscles and joints, or they may sustain injuries caused by sudden impact or quick movements during play. In either situation, it is essential to consult an orthopaedic specialist right away to avoid further injury and discomfort.

  • Sprains and strains – Sprains and strains affect the muscle and connective tissues. These injuries can range from minor to severe, and they are often seen in the knees, ankles, and shoulders. Muscle strains are generally treated with rest and physical therapy, but sprains or more severe ligament tears tend to require a more involved treatment approach such as platelet rich plasma injections, since the connective tissues do not heal as quickly on their own.
  • Overuse injuries – Repeatedly swinging a club, racket, or bat can put added stress on isolated muscle groups and connective tissues, leading to aches and pains that tend to get worse over time. Working with an orthopaedic physician will not only allow relief from overuse injuries like tendonitis, but it can also provide insight on more effective posture to minimize further stress.
  • Spine injuries – Whether you are running, jumping, or even rowing, your spine is susceptible to injury from impact, falls, or overexertion. If back pain accompanies your games and practices, you will want to seek appropriate care before getting back to the field.

Non-Surgical Sports Medicine

Many athletes prefer to avoid surgery in their orthopaedic care, since surgery often has more risks and a longer timeline for treatment. With advanced therapies that promote the body’s natural healing mechanisms, it is possible to design a completely non-surgical treatment plan that does not compromise performance down the road. To explore how Non-Surgical Orthopaedics can facilitate your recovery from any type of sports injury, call us at (770)-421-1420. Our Marietta office will help you create a customized treatment plan that lets you enjoy your favorite activities pain-free.

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